Here at World Nine Goods we are a team of Chicago based artisans that strive to create unique, handcrafted goods that speak to kid in all of us. As two former game developers, we understand the desire to keep objects in our life that remind us of the connections and experiences created when playing the games that we love. While we still cherish the memory of finding out that Samus was a girl, our first purple item in Azeroth, or finally beating that friend with the discard deck, we’ve had a hard time finding quality art that represented not only our deep seated fandom, but also reflected our age and design sense.

We want to create objects that you can be proud to display in your home or office and use every day. To us, that means capturing the heart and soul of these games and inserting that into our work while remaining true to our personal tastes. We’re here to provide you with one-of-a-kind, handmade goods that you don’t have to spend 500 rupees on.

Steve Elmore

Strengths:  Spicy foods, cutting mean finger joints, eating ghosts

Weakness:  Writing legibly, 80’s new wave, escort quests

Fighting Style:  Button-mashing

Weapon of Choice:  Portal gun


Joe Budlovsky

Strengths: Measuring twice cutting once, Finding hidden areas, 8 bit platforming

Weaknesses: Motion Controls, non-skip cut scenes, ketchup on hotdogs

Fighting style: Inverted

Weapon of choice: Mega Blaster