The Root Dice

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We're planning to make products for all gamers, video and table top - but to get started we've created a set of dice made from bog woods. Bog woods are reclaimed from under rivers, swamps, and farmland. They've been preserved underground for as much as 50,000 years. That's not a typo. You can roll twenties with an ancient piece of wood. We've also come up with a numbering system that lets you roll anything from a D4 to a D20 using no more than two six sided dice in combination. The set also includes a fudge die, and it comes in a slim handmade package.

A Closer Look

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We're hoping Kickstarter will not only help us fund the root dice, but help us connect with a bunch of other gamers who want to celebrate their adult design sensibilities and their love for gaming at the same time. World nine is going to be an amazing ride, and we hope you'll join us by giving your email below. We'll keep you posted on our progress.

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