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The Root Dice

We came up with a way to roll anything from a D4 to a D20 (and maybe even higher) using a set of six cube-shaped dice. Each set comes in a slim, handmade case that includes a card explaining the system. Here's the dice in the set:

2 x D6 in Ancient Kauri

These are standard six-sided dice, with the sixth face replaced with a Root Dice logo.

1 x Modified Fudge in Bog Oak

Fudge dice usually have two of each: +, -, and 0. By placing a + symbol in one 0 face and a - symbol in the other we've modified ours so that it can function as either a fudge die or as a 50/50 coin flip. We use this to accomplish some of the rolls needed in a full set.

1 x "Fours" in Sinker Cypress

This die has the values 1,2,3,4 and two Root Dice logos. It is used in D4 and D8 rolls.

1 x "Fives" in Sinker Cypress

This die has faces that are multiples of 5, starting with 0, and two Root Dice logos. Its primary purpose is D20 rolls, but it also pairs nicely with the one of the D6 to make a 20 unit counter.

1 x "Tens" in Sinker Cypress

This dice has multiples of 10, from 10-50, and a Root Dice logo. It is primarily used as a counter to round out the set.


The Rolls

We've already found ways to roll the most prominent rolls in gaming using these dice in combination, and we're excited to see what else the gaming community will come up with. Here's a few examples of how to roll the basics:

D20 Roll

Grab a D6 and the Fives die. Roll them, and re-roll any dice that show a Root Dice logo. Add them together.

Explanation: Simple process right? Here's the math. When you re-roll any logos, you reduce the possible outcomes for the D6 to 1-5, and for the Fives die to either 0,5,10, or 15. So you have a 1/5 probability, and a 1/4 probability for each outcome. Multiply those two and you get 1/20, and there are exactly 20 possible outcomes. So you have the same probabilities as rolling a 20 sided dice.

D8 Roll

Roll the Modified Fudge and the Fours dice. Re-roll any logos. If the fudge has a + sign showing, add 4 to the Fours die. If not, use the value on the Fours die.

Explanation: Four outcomes on the Fours die, and two outcomes on the modified fudge. So the probabilities are 1/2 * 1/4 = 1/8. You have a one in 8 chance for each number between 1 and 8.