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Two ways to buy!

  • Both the 8 pack and 12 pack come with a tabletop display box.
  • The 12 pack includes 5 free additional D6 dice made from 50,000 year old Ancient Kauri. Use them as promo giveaways for in-store game nights or sell them @ $5 ea.


We love gaming stores. We've made so many memories there. We want to make it easy to work with us on a wholesale basis, so feel free to place your wholesale orders here.

We have the following requirements for wholesalers:

  • Brick and mortar sales only. All online sales will be managed by World Nine directly. If we find an online listing for our products, we will have it taken down.
  • All of our online sales will be at full retail price except for short term promotions. So you can count on not being undercut by online pricing.